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About This Site

This web site ( is operated by Shinwa Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”). Use of this site is only permitted within the acceptance of the following terms and conditions. Use of this site indicates acceptance of the following terms and conditions.

Copyrights and Other Rights
  Copyrights to this website and the text, photographs, images and other work thereon (hereinafter collectively referred to as “the Contents”) are vested in the Company, the original authors or other persons where applicable.
It is a violation of the Copyright Law to reproduce, disclose, transmit, distribute, transfer, lend, translate, reprint, modify, etc., this Web site or the Contents without prior written authorization from the relevant copyright owner.
Rights to trademarks, logos and business names, writings, patents and other intellectual properties are vested in the owners of the respective rights. Therefore, unless otherwise allowed by law, you must comply with the terms of use and licensing specified by the owners of the respective rights.

  1.  Although the Company has made all reasonable efforts to ensure the accuracy, the Contents are subject to data input errors, misprints, mechanical malfunctions, intentional alterations by third parties or other force majeure. Therefore, the Company offers no guarantee of completeness of the Contents, and is not responsible or liable for any damage resulting from the use of such information.
  2.  Information included in the Contents is verified only at the moment of posting, and such information may become irrelevant or be superseded with the passage of time. The Company may reconfigure this Web site, change the terms of use or change or delete the Contents at any time without prior notice.
In addition, the Company is not responsible or liable for any damage resulting from such change of the Contents or discontinuance or suspension of this website, whatever the reason may be.

  1.  Links to this Web site from any operators are allowed, as long as the links do not relate to any act that falls or may fall under any of the following:
1) An act that mentally abuses individuals and/or slanders someone’s reputation;
2) An act that maliciously slanders a particular organization and/or its products, services and reputation;
3) An act that infringes on the intellectual property rights of the Company and other entities;
4) An act that intentionally generates a misconception that the linked operator has any form of alliance or cooperative relationship with the Company or that the Company recognizes or supports the linked operator;
5) An act that offends against public order and decency and/or violates the law; and
6) Any other act that the Company deems inappropriate.

  2.  The URLs of the pages within this Web site, except the top page, are subject to change or deletion without notice. Therefore, we recommend that links are made to the top page ( of this website.

Recommended Browser Environment
  For optimal viewing of this website, we recommend using Internet Explorer 6.0 or later. Use of other browsers may not allow this website to be shown or function properly.

Inquiries about This Web Site
  SHINWA Co., Ltd. General Affairs Department
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