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Message from the President

Pursuing industrial growth through originality and unique manufacturing expertise.

With metal-joining technology at its core, Shinwa is a development and consulting type of engineering, manufacturing, and trading company.

Since establishment in 1951, Shinwa has been driven by our company motto, “Three Pioneering Spirits”, which is the “pioneering” of new products, new customers, and new demands. Under this motto, we have expanded our presence into the automotive, electrical and full range of other manufacturing industries, by meeting our customer’s diverse needs with accumulated high-level engineering expertise.

Shinwa’s flexible and versatile business style spans across brazing, surface welding and thermal spraying, production lines and installation, equipment and material sales, industrial machines installation, Factory Automation (FA) system construction, and electronics-related equipment and system development and manufacturing.
By exceeding expectations in both quality of products and services, we have built a foundation of trust with our customers.

Continuous waves of rapid technological advancements have long been revolutionizing today’s industries, generating new business opportunities daily.
Our continued mission is to promote industrial growth through innovative manufacturing and customized solutions.

In our company name shinwa , “shin”means “Move forward” and “wa” means “Harmony”. Together, let’s move forward in harmony.
Kohei Shimokawa President Shinwa Co., Ltd.

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