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The global environment, precious to us, our future generations and every living species, is now facing great challenges such as global warming, desertification, acid rain, and depletion of ozone layer and tropical rain forests.  Major catalysts for such phenomenon are our social and industrial behaviors.  To address these issues, immediate environmental protection measures must be taken on a global scale. 
As a company buttressing industrial growth on a large scale, we place the highest priority in fulfilling corporate social responsibility recognizing it as one of the most important management missions.  Environmental initiative is its central objective and we strive to preserve the environment through all aspects of the business activities by establishing our environmental policy.   
In 2007, we obtained “ISO14001” for all of our offices and two subsidiary companies.  We encourage environmental initiatives throughout the organization by operating strictly structured environmental management system, while focusing on activities such as energy and resources conservation, environmental hazardous materials reduction and 3R activities (activities to promote the reduction, reuse, and recycling of materials).

We contribute to environment in terms of manufacturing.  For instance, we design products such as a plate-type heat converter and an end plate, a component of a nickel-hydrogen battery for a hybrid car, which requires metal connecting technologies.  Our FA system center is developing a lighting device powered by a solar panel.  Thus we continually strive to maximize environmental conservation by leveraging our technologies as a manufacturing company.

  We recognize the environmental protection and preservation is one of the most pressing and vital issues to be addressed globally.  We contribute to community and society by striving to preserve and improve the environment through our business activities, products and services.

1. Based on our management with a focus on environmental consciousness, we promote the following activities by accurately understanding environmental impacts of our business related to goods and services and the other internal operations in offices, manufacturing facilities, procurement and logistics.
(1) Creating efficiency in energy and resources which enables cost reduction
(2) Reducing environmental hazardous materials
(3) Promoting 3Rs (reduction, reuse, and recycling of industrial materials)
(4) Promoting operational improvements by 5S and environmental management system
(5) Promoting development, manufacturing and sales in new products and systems which contribute to environmental protection
2. We abide by environmental laws and regulations concerning our business activities, products and services and other requirements we agree upon.
3. To pursue this environmental policy, we promote environmental control by establishing objectives and goals for each department, conducting regular reviews of its validity and continuously improving the environmental management system.
4. To maximize understanding of the policy and raise environmental awareness, we promote educational and enlightening activities to all employees.
5. We open this environmental policy to the public as well as keep all employees well informed including the board members and group companies.

November 22, 2013


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