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KEYWORD DICTIONARY <A Glossary of Technical Terms>

    Brazing is a metal-joining process whereby a filler metal or alloy is heated to its melting temperature and dispersed between the base materials being joined. Since the melting point of the filler is lower than that of the base materials, only the filler metal reaches a molten state allowing it to flow into the gap between the joined materials. The molten filler can flow into a complex-shaped gap or more than one gap to create a joint or multiple joints at one time.

  Surface Welding
    Surface welding is a process of surface modification by welding a metal onto the surface of a base material. The base metal is alloyed with the welded metal to achieve excellent adhesion. Since there is no limit to the surface-welded layer's thickness, this process is suitable for fortifying areas routinely exposed to strong force or impact.


  Thermal Spraying
    Thermal spraying is a process of surface modification by spraying molten or semi-molten metal particles onto a base material to create a coating layer. The layer's adhesion is inferior to a weld however the process is available with an extensive range of base and sprayed metals for versatile applications.

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