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Metal Joining

Shinwa's full range of products assists mass production lines in various ways
Metal Joining

Metal-joining technology is a major production process in automotive, electrical as well as most other manufacturing industries.

Shinwa offers total support and solutions to assist customer's mass production needs by providing a wide variety of products and services ranging from projects for technical development, sub-contract machining and customization, equipment and systems, and supply of welding consumables to full "turnkey" support and production assembly lines for the aerospace industry.

Welding Equipment and Consumables
Resistance welding equipments (welding guns, timers, stud welders, etc) Electron beam welding equipment
Laser welding equipment Arc welding equipment
TIG welding equipment Plasma cutting equipment
MIG welding equipment
Specialized welding equipment (Friction Stir Welding)

Resistance Welding Gun
Welding consumables (solid wire, flux cored wire, aluminum welding wire, TIG gas welding wire, arc welding covered electrode and gas welding electrode)

Arc Welding Equipment

Welding Equipment for
Rocket Fuel Tanks

Design and Manufacture
of Welding Jigs for
aerospace & aircraft applications

Brazing and Soldering Equipments, Consumables
Automatic brazing Soldering equipment Vacuum furnace
Precious metals brazing filler (gold, palladium, silver, nickel, copper and phosphor copper)
Solders (wire, paste ring, pallet, disc and ribbon)
Soldering fluxes

Brazing Consumables

Soldering Equipment

Brazing Services Click here for details

Joining Technology Click here for details

Development and Sub-contract work Click here for details

Other Products
Sealants Adhesive coating equipment

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