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Factory Automation (FA) System Center

Promoting the Systemization of Manufacturing Processes
FA System Center

Offering optimal customization to suit the specific on site requirements of manufacturing lines and facilities.

  The FA System Center designs, develops and manufactures production data/information systems and production control devices for the Automotive and home appliance industries.

To offer optimal products and systems and as a fundamental principal of design and development of FA systems, it is essential to accurately grasp each end user's unique requirements.
FA System Center
(Shinwa Technical Center 2F)

Attentive to the needs at each and all levels of a manufacturing facility

Cable Connectors
  The FA System Center's major products include control panels and operation boxes, production indicating systems, assembly information systems, flexible (real time) production status displays and cable assemblies for automated production lines. These products are used throughout the entire manufacturing facility from individual equipment to the complete production line.

Furthermore, FA System Center offers solutions to optimize the customer's production facility by introducing substrate concept, minimizing cabling and enhancing safety, resulting in a safer, leaner and more efficient work environment.

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