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Main-tech Center

Enhancing the Performance of Metallic Parts
Maintenance Technical Center

Expertise in surface welding and thermal spraying in response to the needs of manufacturing sites requirements

  The Main-tech Center offers services to improve and enhance the performance of feeders, kneaders and other machinery and their parts for the rubber, plastic, paper, petrochemical and steel industries.

The metallic parts of the machines in kneading and extrusion molding processes require high level of corrosion, wear-abrasion, and heat resistance and insulation.
The Main-tech Center responds to these demands with its accumulated expertise and extensive know-how in surface welding and thermal spraying to coat the surface with foreign metals, ceramics, cermets and others suitable materials.

We provide repairs, overhauls and production of these metallic parts. One method of repair is by coating work pieces with a different type of metal, ceramics, cermets or other appropriate material to regain or enhance its usability.
Nagoya Plant

Kyushu Plant

Surface Welding

The Center is able to address customer's needs at all stages, from material procurement to repair and production of machine parts.

Screw Machining
  The Maintenance Technical Center has the advantage of offering comprehensive solutions for the repair and production of metallic parts. This includes the procurement of ordinary and specialty steel materials, including nickel alloy, and the supply of surface welding and thermal spraying processes to the finishing process after heat treatment.

The Center is equipped with various machining stations, wire-cut electric discharging machines and numerical control (NC) machine tools for long work pieces. These machines are appropriate for the fabrication of screws and other components of injection molders and extruders as well as for manufacturing special form or large dimension screws.

Machining Center
Work Size(MAX)
External diameter:400mm
Overall length:2,200mm

Wire-Cut Machine
Work Size(MAX)
NC Screw Cutter
Work Size(MAX)
External diameter:440mm
Overall length:7,500mm

The Center overhauls mixers/kneaders to improve or enhance their performance.

  The Maintenance Technical Center not only handles the machining of parts but is also capable of overhauling entire pieces of equipment with its in-house heavy machines. Using its surface welding and thermal spraying technologies, The Center has an excellent track record in overhauling the rotary feeders for continuous digester used by paper manufacturers and the mixers/kneaders for rubber and resin materials.

From raw materials and components to finished products, and from the repair of parts to the overhaul of entire unit, the Center offers a broad range of flexible service options to address customers' needs while striving to achieve the most effective result to enhance the cost performance of their production facilities.
Mixer/Kneader Overhaul


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