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Mechatronics System Group

Offering Innovative Technologies for the Electronics Industry
Mechatronics System Group

Advanced capabilities: On the front line of grasping trends of the future

  The Mechatronics System Center develops and sells production equipment for the electronics industry. We diligently seek out and explore new business ventures that not only enjoy strong current demand, but also expect to have a constant growing demand in the coming years and render concentrated efforts to integrate them in their appropriate markets.

Their latest emphasis is on the precision dispensing systems for the semi-conductor industry, including the Ultraprecision Underfill Dispensing System and the Ultraprecision Dispensing System. Both systems provide unprecedented quality and convenience for the back-end process of semiconductor manufacturing and PC board mounting giving these products a high reputation among its semi-conductor industry peers (players).

The Quspa-Ms Ultraprecision Underfill Dispensing System offers unmatched performance and convenience due to its linear servo motor and non-contact heater.

  The Ms Dispensing System is primarily intended for the flip chip mounting of advanced semiconductor devices, such as System-in-Package (SiP), Multi-Chip Module (MCM) and Micro Processing Unit (MPU), as well as the underfilling of Chip Size Package (CSP) on surface-mounted PC boards.

The Ms Dispensing System incorporates a linear servo motor driven by the center of gravity with a monorail structure. It achieves a positioning repeatability of less than 5µm at 3σ, giving it a maximum working speed of 1,200 mm/sec and a maximum acceleration of 3G. The dispenser also features a special non-contact heater that can heat a substrate from room temperature to 100 in a little over 10 seconds, eliminating the need for a front-end process heater. Through flexible after-heating adjustment, the system is able to handle less fluid materials.

Ultra Precision Dispenser Quspa-Ss is added to the series

  The Ss Dispensing System is intended for trace dispensing applications for advanced semiconductor devices such as SiP, MCM and MPU, and requires an installation space as small as 800 mm in width by 800 mm in depth.

Since it incorporates a linear servo motor, the Ms dispenser offers performance equivalent to the Ms in overall positioning repeatability and maximum working speed. The pump's temperature variation is controlled using Peltier devices within 1. Because the screw-pump precision dispenser has a changer unit for easy replacement, it is extremely easy to maintain and does not  seep even with low viscosity liquids.

Quspa-MsB - Economical version of the Quspa-Ss

  Ball-screw servomotor
The latest MsB platform adopts a ball-screw servo motor instead of a linear servo motor. It is priced lower than the Ms model but offers the same specifications except for the robot unit.

Heater can be added
The MsB dispenser is available with either a contact or non-contact heater.

Multi-Stage Heating equipment

Extensive variations ensure optimal in-line applications.
Highly stable and repeatable control of temperatures for extended hours.
Static heating ensures good control over dust and vibrations, enhancing the quality of products.
By adopting a stacked structure, the area of floor space for installation is significantly reduced.
The heating room space is significantly reduced to save more energy.
Available for various processes, including
  Resin hardening after underfilling
  Resin hardening after mounting/potting
  Drying process after molding
Stack Heating Equipment
by Kyushu Nissho Co.,Ltd.

Quspa Loader/Unloader

  General purpose loaders/unloaders may not be available for the magazines exclusively for drawn aluminum material used in the assembly process of semiconductor manufacturing. The number of magazines to be housed per tact is becoming more and more diverse.
Shinwa customizes loaders/unloaders according to your requirements of size and number of magazines to be housed.

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