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Aerospace System Center

Offering Ideas for the Infinite Aerospace and Aircraft Industry
Aerospace System Center

Accumulated expertise provides solutions for rocket and aircraft production

The Aerospace & Aircraft Section designs and manufactures jigs and tools, provides labor-saving automation and system maintenance for aircraft and aerospace industries.

Shinwa has supported Japan's rocket development from the outset providing superior quality welding equipment and brazing consumables for over 30 years. Through this long involvement and support in the aerospace business, we have accumulated a high level of experience and expertise praised by many customers.
These established continuous performances resulted in today's awarded project of supplying special welding systems for the manufacturing of the H-IIB launch vehicle fuel tanks.

Aircraft Equipment
Welding jigs for regional jet components
Electron beam welding equipment for passenger aircraft engines
Heat treatment system for engine parts
Welding and brazing consumables

Mitsubishi Space Jet
(Courtesy: Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation)

Space Development
Welding systems and jigs for rocket fuel tanks
Brazing consumables for rocket engines
Welding jigs for space station–related facilities
Loading devices for the H-II Transfer Vehicle (HTV)

H-IIB Launch Vehicle
(Courtesy: JAXA)

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