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Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

 Shinwa’s Corporate Mission
  With metal joining as its core business, Shinwa is a unique Engineering and trading company which also possesses manufacturing ability who accurately grasps industrial needs and offering highly-skilled solutions.
By providing a company that can satisfy high expectations of customers worldwide by linking people, “Things” and society thus carry out with the creation of sophisticated added value towards the future.
 Corporate Philosophy-----“Three Frontier Spirits”
  Developing of New Products
  Developing of New Customers
  Generating of New Demands
 Corporate Code of Conduct
   1. We believe in the "three reals philosophy" (go and see for yourself to understand the situation) and a pioneering spirit. Shinwa always takes up challenges in order to pursue the peace of mind, trust and satisfaction of its clients.
   2. In conducting our corporate activities, Shinwa takes responsible and faithful actions based on social norms, internal and international rules, as well as regional laws and regulations around the world.
   3. All employees always work with putting safety first
   4. Shinwa establishes working conditions in which its employees can work with respect for individuality, their dreams and pride under a free and open corporate culture, with the aim of realizing healthy and stable lives.

Shinwa discloses appropriately managed company information to stakeholders and society in a fair and impartial manner.

   6. Shinwa makes efforts to protect and conserve the natural environment and takes part in the creation of a society that is friendly to people and the earth.
   7. Shinwa, as a corporate citizen, promotes social contribution activities and prospers with compassionate local communities.
 Corporate Message
Joining all the World, Joining into the Future

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