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Industrial Machines

Shinwa offers one-stop shopping for various industrial machines for the production lines
Industrial Machines

Automotive manufacturing lines consist of a wide variety of industrial machines, such as de-stacking feeders, and press anti-vibration system. These play an active role in the stamping process, cold forging machines leading press lines, rear suspension tightening equipment and liquid vacuum-filling equipment used in various assembly processes. Shinwa offers one-stop shopping by having the capability to not only supply the above mentioned industrial machines, but also countless other machines and equipment. We enjoy a high reputation among our customers for having the ability to offer a wide range of products aimed at satisfying operational accuracy and safety.

Precision Dispensing Systems
Precision Dispenser Ms
Liquid vacuum-filling devices
Dispensing detecting systems


Liquid Vacuum-Filling Equipment

Labor-Saving Machines
Cold forging machines Rear suspension tightening equipment Vacuum laminators
Automatic guided vehicles Material handling system Nut tightening devices
Die cooling pipes Casting machine auxiliary equipment Bolt feeders
Forging machine auxiliary equipment

Rear Suspension Tightening Equipment

Vacuum Laminator

Cold Forging Machine

Press Peripheral Equipment
Press anti-vibration devices De-stacking feeder Press oil filtration and circulation device
Press-to-press transfer devices Steel plate washing machine Dies
Auto joints Press machine auxiliary equipment

Press Anti-Vibration Device

De-stacking Feeder

Copper Plate Washer

Environment Safety Equipment
Aluminum safety fences Soundproofing equipment
Lockout systems (padlocks) Light curtains

Emergency stop units


Soundproofing Equipment

Multi-stage heating device
Paint spray guns
Laser markers
Blasting machines
Oil-water separator machine

  Stack Heating Equipment Paint Spray Gun

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